Studio & department resource planning

As part of improving Shotgun’s overall scheduling capabilities, we are exploring ways to surface artist capacity, workload and utilization.

To approach this we’re starting at the studio and departmental level, using data already held in Shotgun.

By surfacing where and when workload is mismatched to artist capacity, this will enable studios to take action to avoid costly artist idle time or overbooking.

We’d love to hear from the Forum community if or how this could prove valuable in your studio. Comments & replies welcomed below!


Hello Martin,

I think this would be a great help and indeed a big advantage to us, we would love to here more about this soon. :slight_smile:



Hello! That looks like a really useful feature to me. I am not sure if this has been discussed yet, but what I would find most helpful is to have a “side” calendar to play around with resources without booking them for real. Furthermore, having the possibility to add fake resources would also be super useful. Thanks!


Hey @Josie - yes, I totally can see how that could be useful day to day. It’s something we’ve heard from other clients too, your suggestion is shared by many others: that is a useful signal for us a product team to note.


We’ve been spending a lot of time on this problem. I’m going to put on a producer hat for this:

  1. Allow drag-and-drop rearranging of arbitrary entities, including people and equipment. Those need to be in the same system but I should be able to move resources both dependently and independently from staff. This includes assets as well as as shots and any other entities I need to schedule.

  2. I should be able to game out my ideas before committing them, and save those games separately. That means we can’t just assign values to fields directly until committed, but assign them only from a game.

  3. I should be able to assign costs to resources and staff and be able to game out cost savings based on hours/day (including OT rules), days/week, and have multipliers I can apply based on difficulty of the job or efficiency of the employee. Budgeting should be exportable so I can use it to bid shots or sequences

  4. I should be able to receive input schedules from departments and be able to reconcile them with my own. Those could be for individuals or for people as resources

  5. I need multiple views of this data and to be able to export it both as raw data and as formatted schedules. Include common schedule formats like gantt but also standard production forms like day-out-of-days so I can use this for other departments or for scheduling virtual assets on virtual production sets

  6. Allow plugins so I can use third-party services to customize or extend the setup. I should be able to add tools to the front-end, including additional UI elements.

  7. Allow up-front validation for cells so we don’t have to use triggers to catch mitsakes after they are committed

Thank you!


Hey Den thanks for such a detailed and interesting answer. I will share this with the rest of the Resource Planning team here at SG.

Can I ask which studio you are from?


Hi Martin, I’m with The [RE]DESIGN Group - we have a few dozen clients across studios and facilities in gaming, vfx, animation, and production, so we hear a wide gamut of requests and see a lot of different needs.