Thumbnail upload error

Hey there!

I just noticed that suddenly i get an error when trying to publish something from our stand-alone publisher. To be sure I just updated its version to 2.5.3 and am using the default hook for publishing, but the same error occures:

ShotgunPublishError: Unable to complete publishing because of the following error: 
Could not upload file successfully, but not sure why. 
Path: ...lalala.PNG
Error 0
undefined method '[]'for nil:NilClass, although Published File lalala.PNG (id: 20178) was created.

As the error states as well, the publish is created but is missing its thumbnail.
It could have something to do with an SSL error I got previous to this but i managed to fix that by setting an environment variable (SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS).

Any help would be very much appreciated


Hi Jonas!

This may be due to a bug we’re about to fix. Essentially the Published File entity is missing the filmstrip_image field and when a process tries to upload to it, it fails. Work is in progress on a fix, and we can report back when it goes out.


Hey @brandon.foster,
We are still encountering this error and are not able to publish from the stand-alone.
Are there any updates to this?


Nothing concrete, unfortunately. The fix is still in progress by the engineering team. As soon as it’s completed we’ll share it here.

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