Thumbnails export to excel

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone knows of a tool or a macros fix in excel where when I export shots with thumbnails from shotgun, I can bring in the actual thumbnails rather than the url to the thumbnail, into the excel document as well??

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rebecca,

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of exporting a contact sheet or thumbnails from Shotgun, out of the box. If you have some Pipeline TD resources, you could talk to them to see if they can create you an Action Menu using the Shotgun API that could do that for you.

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Hi Rebecca,

As Astrid mentions, unfortunately there is no system built into Shotgun for exporting thumbnails, but, the export does give you the url of the thumbnail file (in the format “/thumbnail/image/9”) so you could pipe that data into a script and pull down the thumbnails that way.

You could also use a 3rd party app that pulls the images form the page and downloads them to a folder, I’ve used this in production before and it’s probably the simplest option here. I’ve linked to one of the many browser plugins that can do this.