Ticket activity to use the SG inbox

Is it possible to connect ticket activity/feedback to the users SG inbox?

Currently - it looks like it just sends a message to the users registered email.

We use an external/secured web browser where user mail account lives - so there is a disconnect here in terms of notifications and ability to download/attach internal data.


Hi @dduffy,

Thanks for the question, and welcome to the community! Currently Ticket updates are not tied into the My Tasks or Inbox workflows. You can send your feature ideas to our product team directly through our roadmap site. More info about that here:


One question about this, are tickets semi-deprecated entities? The fact that they’re not tied into the Inbox workflow and the UI around them implied to me that they were old and not being updated any more.

In our case, I just made a new ticket entity and have a Shotgun Event Daemon script that posts notes on a ticket so that they can appear in people’s inboxes.

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Tickets aren’t deprecated entities, by any means. They were originally implemented so the Shotgun team could track its development work on our own Shotgun site. Since Shotgun isn’t primarily a tool for tracking technical development, the entity never saw much further development beyond its initial implementation. When things like Inbox/My Tasks were developed they were done so primarily with the Task based assignment workflow in mind.

You can subscribe to email updates to Tickets in your user settings, but if you need updates to appear in the web Inbox, then your workaround sounds like the best bet.