Timecode field not accepting a certain numbers/data

Hey all, I’m having difficulty trying to get a timecode populated in a cell in shotgun, all the other codes are accepted but there seems to be the odd straggler that won’t add. The field just goes red and doesn’t accept the code, is there any reason for this? Timecode seems to obey the right format too (01:00:26:26)

I appreciate any help in solving this :slight_smile:


Hi Steve, welcome to the community!

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with the timecode field. When you input the timecode in the cell and it turns red, if you hover over the red cell, is there an error message in a tooltip?


Thank you for getting back to me Bouchep, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems to flash red, clear the field out in a split second, a tooltip does show but for a flash if that but I’ve managed to print screen it. It’s claiming that 01:00:26:26 is somehow an invalid timecode format then states a range the number fits withing :S


I did realize as well that your frame count is 26 as well which is outside the bounds of our default.

Timecode fields support framerates of 23.976fps.

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Ah right I think I understand now, I’ll just opt for the text field as a compromise as these were for takes/shoots on set :slight_smile:

Much appreciated for your time in looking into this Bouchep