Tk-multi-work-files2 -- filter_work_files hook with thumbnails?


I was recently testing some custom code in the tk-multi-workfiles2 app,
but I cant get the “filter_work_files” hook to work like I want to:

I try to set a “thumbnail” in the dictionary like this:

for data in work_files: data['work_file']['thumbnail'] = thumb

where I tried to set “thumb” as a

  • (string) path to a local file
  • shotgun thumbnail url
  • QtGui.QPixmap

but unfortunately it does not show any of my custom workfile thumbnails.
Other edits like for “name” or “modified by” work, but not my thumbnail approach.

What type of thumbnail does the workfiles app need here?

Thanks a lot,


Hmm this doesn’t appear to work, I spent a short while looking into it, but I haven’t got time to continue atm. If I can I’ll take another look soon. Sorry, this dropped off our radar.


Thanks for the reply,
we ended up forking the whole app and setting the thumbnails inside the main code,
but it would be still nice to know how this could be solved here :slight_smile:


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