Unable to Sync Shotgun Task with Jira

Followed the Quick Guide Step to Setup The Shotgun Server https://developer.shotgunsoftware.com/sg-jira-bridge/quickstart.html#quick-start

After setting up both the server, when I navigate to Shotgun Webpage and create a task it wont sync. Unchecking and checking the SYNC_IN_JIRA does not produce any logs in either of the server.

In Starting Up Section, I was successfully able to Match Shotgun User and also Start the SG Jira Bridge. Though when I start ShotgunEvents I get the following Error/Warning
Critical:engine: Did not find a registeredCallbacks function in plugin at {path to Jira triggers}/triggers

Not sure if this is the cause of the syncing issue but I have updated the Environment Variable and also tried hardcoding the SGDAEMON_SGJIRA_NAME

Any help resolving the issue will be appreciated.