Want early access to Playlists in Shotgun Create?

If you’ve been tracking the Shotgun Roadmap, you’re aware we’re building a new Playlist experience in Shotgun Create, which will allow anyone to see and playback any Playlist on a project, including Playlists sent to clients. This is a huge benefit for reviewers, who rely on Playlists for reviewing the work they’re responsible for, and want to give the best feedback possible by taking advantage of the great compare and annotation tools in Shotgun Create.

We’re extending an invitation to our Community to see if anyone is interested in testing this workflow and giving us feedback on their experience.

If you’d like to be part of this effort, please reply to this post, and we’ll follow up with you by email to discuss activating the Playlist workflow for your site to test.

Your feedback will help improve the Playlists workflow which delivers better review experiences, quickly, at your studio.



Yeah Ill try and give it a whirl!


I’ll bite. :slight_smile: