Publish2 custom plugin UI example

I thought I would share an example of a Publish custom plugin UI.

The example extends the standalone hook, to add options for setting the task’s status to “pending review”, and adding a reviewer.

It dynamically lists people as reviewers who are on the same project and are in a “Review” group.

For example “Jim the bad reviewer” is not appearing in the list as no one will let him work on any projects!

To use the plugin download this script, and place it in your config’s hooks/tk-multipublish2/ directory (you may need to create the `tk-multi-publish2 folder inside hooks.)

Then open env/includes/settings/tk-multi-publish2.yml and modify the standalone publish settings to add :{config}/tk-multi-publish2/" to the Publish to Shotgun hook:
  collector: "{self}/"
    - name: Publish to Shotgun
      hook: "{self}/{config}/tk-multi-publish2/"
      settings: {}
    - name: Upload for review
      hook: "{self}/"
      settings: {}
  help_url: *help_url
  location: ""

You must make sure to select a Task for your publish item, otherwise it will not be able to set the status or reviewer.
Note this is NOT intended to be a production ready plugin, it is merely here as an example.

The three key methods used to generate a custom UI are: